Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day at the park

Aiden was not impressed.

6 months

I know I am super late posting his 6 month picture, but with school starting up....I know excuses...excuses...
As you can see, Aiden is getting big... is super cute...getting into everything...and even more LOVED today than 6 months ago!!!!!

(He is still not sleeping through the night.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

5 months old

I know I have said it every month...but can you believe Aiden is 5 months old already?!!
He is so stinkin' cute.
He still does NOT sleep through the night (to all of you "helpful" people -including our friends, my o.b. and pediatrician- giving a baby cereal does not help them sleep through the night. LIARS)
He is somewhat mobile, he rolls all over the place. And can hold his head up when on his tummy.

He has discovered his hands and stares at them.

He has discovered that toes are delicious.
(and they do not help him sleep through the night anymore than solid foods)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 months

How can 4 months have past so quickly?

Isn't he the sweetest thing?!
We are all so enamored with this little guy. He has recently discovered his voice and has been cooing, babbling, squealing and grunting up a storm. I love to listen to him.
He still isn't sleeping through the night.
He has discovered his hands and can reach and grasp things (much to Brinley's delight...she has been trying to give him his rattle for ...well for 4 months!)
His grasp is pretty good...especially when he has my hair!
He rolled over...both ways this month!
As for what else is going on:
Brin learned to ride a 2-wheeler!
Poor Emily had to miss her first year at girls camp because of a horrible sunburn. I do have a picture of the huge blisters...but won't post them. There were lots of tears about missing girls camp...hers and mine!
Our pool is up and the kids (including Brad) are having a ball
the pool is the reason for the horrible sunburn. Brinley also got burned and so I have been making her wear a shirt until it heals.
This caused a huge tantrum...because my 5 year old thought she would look her own backyard...while no one else would see her...except her dad...
her solution to not covering up her suit is to wear the shirt UNDER the suit. No exactly ugly...but not very fashionable either

Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 months

can you believe it has been 3 months?!
me either

He is such a good baby

this month:

he laughed
out loud
and i now spend the better part of my evenings trying to get him to do it again

his spitting up is out of control
Lisa said it peaks at 3 months and then should start to taper off
here's hoping

someday's he eats barely 4oz for the sitter
and then other days he drinks close to 10oz
my poor boobs are so confused!!!

I am really glad summer vacay starts TOMORROW!
then I won't have to worry about pumping.

well i need to go
it's "tummy time"
he still does not like "tummy time"
and is letting me know it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Months

Can you believe it has been two months!!!!
Me either.

At Aiden's two month check up he weighed 10 lbs 15 oz....or
as Brad say's...
11 lbs.

He has started to smile
and we look like fools trying to get him to smile and coo
and we look like bigger fools trying to capture his gummy grin with a camera!

He adjusted to my going to work really well
(better than the rest of us)
He doesn't really like the bottle...but will take it

Pumping is easier
especially since Brinley isn't at the high school with me
I had hoped that since the novelty of milk machine had worn off
Brinley would forget about it...

and then yesterday she asked if she could help me by squeezing the trigger!

no thank you